A guide on where to find perfect blog images

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There are a lot of things to consider before using a picture on your blog. Some of the most common considerations are the picture quality, size, and format and overall details, i.e. the message being passed by the picture you intend to use.  The following article provides a detailed breakdown of where to find high-quality images and how best to use them to promote your brand.

Where to find images for your blog

  1. Personal photos

The very first and best option is to take and use your photos. This means that every image you use in your blog is your property and is a unique piece of content for blog purposes. Since the pictures you take must be of high quality and engaging, ensure you use cameras with right pixels such as Pentax, Canon, Nikon, Olympus or Sony.

  1. Online photos

You can easily find some of the best images for your blog online. There are hundreds of sites which offer quality pictures, some for free while others for a small fee. Some of the most common picture websites include scock.xchng, pixabay, unsplash and photopin. Let us look at the three best online options.

  1. Stock Unlimited

With 1 million+ photos and vectors for comfortable download, stock unlimited has become one of the best go-to websites for blog images. The site offers both free and premium options to its subscribers. For subscribers who want free pictorial copies, they get to choose up to 60,000 images.

  1. Pexels stock

Pexels provide high-quality free stock photos which are licensed by the Creative Commons Zero (CCO) license. All Pexels photos are customarily classified with tags to make them easy to find through their discover pages. As it is their motto ‘Empowering Creators’, Pexels focus on providing easy access to images from sources like Unsplash, Little Visuals, Gratisography and many more to designers, bloggers, websites and app developers.

  1. Pixabay

Just like Pexels Stock, all images and videos on Pixabay are typically released free of copyrights from Creative Commons (CCO). Pixabay allows its subscribers to download, modify, distribute and even use its royalty free images for commercial purposes. When it comes to Pixabay, attribution is not required which means that you can change, copy, distribute and use its images without asking for permission or giving credits to the artist.  However, to be on the save side, it is advisable to always watch out for depicted content which may be protected by trademarks or privacy rights.

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